It’s About More Than Just A Laptop…

Written by Adrian

December 20, 2021

“I believe in you, we believe in you. You just have to have faith, and with that, you can do whatever in life.” – Adrian Martinca 

The World’s Greatest Gift is one of the very first videos I put out to showcase students’ reactions to receiving their laptops. I wanted to share how providing students access to technology was more than equipping them with a device. It is about giving them the self-belief that they do whatever they choose to do. My team and I go from school to school delivering wrapped laptops to students during Christmas time. I will never forget the hours my family and I dedicated to preparing the laptops in our warehouse, making sure each individual was wrapped to keep the surprise a secret for the students until they unwrapped their gifts. 


When I got my first ever deal of MacBooks to my company, A.M.-Technologies. MacBooks are a valuable product in the computer refurbishing world, so it was a dream come true for me to come across over 100 of them. Remembering how much a laptop meant to me as a kid, imagining myself now at that age getting my own MacBook. It was a sense of freedom, happiness, and relief that I just could not even explain. It simply felt like victory was now in my hands. I couldn’t help but share that excitement with students, who I knew were in need of technology. The opportunity to experience such powerful energy just from a simple act of providing a device like this to a child was priceless to me. No opportunity or money was worth sacrificing the chance to share that same freedom with a child because I know how it feels to not have it. 

Feeling a sense of responsibility to recreate the same excitement I feel for technology’s ability to help me achieve my dreams, my team and I gift-wrapped the laptops we gave away to provide students with the same experience I had as a child. By using a laptop to show students their community has faith in their abilities, we lay the foundation for self-belief and confidence for their future.

The World’s Greatest Gift gives an inside look at the transformation that occurs when you bring together our children, approach them as family, and give them the faith they deserve. 

As my vision for the change I seek becomes a reality, I know there are still so many children and families needlessly suffering. Despite empowering thousands through the OPEN Doors Challenge, my mission of creating the foundations of freedom for students and their families has only just begun. To expand our reach to as many students as possible, the community must come together through a united vision of victory. As we collectively understand our power to OPEN Doors to a new world of opportunities, we will emerge victorious in our pursuit of creating equal access. With that, I challenge community leaders, organizations, and children around the world to join us and show the world the power of what dreams can do.

I am with you,
Adrian Martinca
“A true victory is a victory shared by all.”

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