Unwavering Faith: A Vision of Freedom and Victory

Written by Adrian

April 4, 2018

“When we look to technology as a gateway to understanding, we open doors to a future of unlimited potential for our children.”  – Adrian Martinca

Growing up, my family always taught me to follow my heart and to have faith in my vision of the change I wanted to create in the world. The self-belief they instilled in me from a young age equipped me with the confidence and determination to find solutions to overcome any obstacles that arose. Through this process, I was taught to transform the things I learned into pathways to help others achieve their dreams. At the age of 13, I started assisting businesses, families, and individuals in using technology as a guide to help pave their way to victory. I decided to follow in my parents’ footsteps by taking on the challenges of being an entrepreneur, forming A.M.-Technologies to provide relief to families by making technology accessible and affordable to all.  

A tech company with a vision of enlightening the future, A.M.-Technologies symbolizes the potential of a new day filled with new opportunities. Knowing I could share the freedom of choice to overcome challenges, I set out on a mission to empower students and their families with confidence in their ability to create choice for themselves. Looking back on my first computer store, I remember using my laptop to design the stores’ signs and graphics, a memory that encompasses the feeling of empowerment I set out to create for others.

My first computer store I opened in Kernersville in the early days of AM-Technologies.

On the journey of overcoming each obstacle head-on, my faith in my ability to find solutions never wavered because a laptop held the answers to anything I sought to understand. The more obstacles I conquered in my own life, the more I was able to help guide others toward victory. Overcome with a sense of purpose through providing relief, I always did whatever it took to help those in need. I applied the same determination and sense of responsibility I had for my family’s well-being, toward helping other families in my community. 

Seeing the potential my vision had to transform communities across the nation, a friend advised me to start a nonprofit, and Technology for the Future was born. Setting out on a mission to reshape the way we think about technology, I used the OPEN Doors Challenge to inspire hundreds of children to speak their dream through the perspective of technology’s ability to give them the freedom to choose, and therefore, the freedom to dream. The OPEN Doors Challenge, which stands for Opportunity Pathways Enhancing the Nation, became my way of enabling student’s freedom to achieve their dreams and instilling the community with faith that through technology, victory is always within reach.

As our impact grew, so did our operation. In 2017, I dedicated a large space in my company warehouse to be utilized as the Technology for the Future headquarters. Now connecting to 1000s of schools across America.


The transformation of our current headquarters in High Point, NC to help provide more computers to students through Technology for the Future.

To become a part of this movement, please visit http://technologyforthefuture.org and join Operation Dream Force to make equal access a reality for all families. Together, we can change the world. 


I am with you,
Adrian Martinca
“A true victory is a victory shared by all.”

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